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What equipment do we have to offer?

  • 50 feet 50 tonne weighbridge for dealing with any size vehicle with ultimate accuracy

  • 2 tonne scales weighing in kilogram denominations to give accurate weighing of smaller items

  • TCM forklift capable of lifting 3.5 tonnes, attached with a rotator for emptying containers safely and easily

  • Fuchs 340 crane with a reach of 12 metres and capable of lifting up to 10 tonne

  • Lefort 500 tonne shear for cutting up to 100 tonne per day into any length required for export. Also used for baling cars.

  • AutoDrain depollution rig for processing cars in an environmentally sound way. Removing and separating all oils and fluids, which in turn are sent for recycling.

  • Skip lorry for collection of materials from factories, houses or construction sites.   Available in sizes 2 cubic yards up to 10 cubic yards.

  • Roll on/off lorry for collection of materials from commercial or domestic. Available in sizes 20 cubic yards up to 50 cubic yards.

  • Articulated lorry for transport of materials to shipping docks or for collection of palletised goods or heavy machinery.

  • Transit van for small collections from trade or public.

  • Non-ferrous baler for processing materials to meet foundry requirements.

  • Crocodile shear for segregating and processing materials to meet foundry requirements.


Our equipment makes light work of handling metals for safer and easier unloading of scrap. It also means that we are able to process material more efficiently which means you get more money for your scrap. Contact Culling Scrap Metals today.